Our team at Kreative Decks unveil the latest triumph aboard the luxury vessel, Mrs. L, amidst her technical stop in the port of La Ciotat. 

Mrs L provided the perfect canvas for our creative endeavours, igniting our passion for reimagining onboard spaces with inventive construction methodologies. Harnessing the strength and aesthetic appeal of cousa fibre alongside the versatility of plywood, we embarked on this project with a clear vision: to elevate the onboard experience to unparalleled heights.

From yacht decking installation to luxury yacht deck solutions, our team at Kreative combined their collective expertise and creativity into every facet of this endeavour. Each detail is curated, each component thoughtfully integrated – culminating in a bar that not only radiates sophistication but also withstands the demanding conditions of marine life with unmatched resilience.

Mrs L is not merely a testament to our craftsmanship and innovation; it embodies our expert ability to deliver transformative solutions that redefine the maritime experience. With this latest addition, we stand proud, knowing that our dedication to excellence has set a new standard in marine design.