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About Kreative Decks

Welcome to Kreative Decks, expert craftsmen and women ready to handle your yacht deck and high-quality property decking needs. Our website is your one-stop shop for a wide range of decking services, designed to strengthen and enhance your yacht teak deck and transform your property into an aesthetic and functional space. We create bespoke solutions that meet our client’s unique requirements. We have spent years building our experience and knowledge of the industry and we train our team in the Kreative School in the most efficient methods, ensuring consistently high-quality in our services.

Kreative Decks are committed to sustainability and building a more eco-friendly yacht industry. We use alternative, greener yacht decking solutions to Burmese teak that maintain its durability and luxurious aesthetic. Our green teak options show why we are leaders in sustainability. We understand the importance of choosing responsibly sourced materials and are leading the charge in changing the future of teak decking and carpentry.

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