Yacht Teak Decks and Luxury Property Decking

At Kreative Decks, we are masters at decking, and our team is made up of experts in craftsmanship and design. We use our attention to detail to truly meet whatever our clients need. Whether you need decking for your superyacht or your luxury property, Kreative Decks will design, enhance, and build custom solutions that match your specific requirements. We will only use sustainable alternatives to teak decks, ensuring we are doing our part to help protect the forests and the planet. Our services cover all of your decking needs, whether you want to build an entirely new deck, repair an existing damaged one, or whether you would like to add stunning features and extras, we will get the job done.

Sustainable Yacht Teak Decking

We guarantee that your teak decking solution will not only be a sustainable alternative but will also maintain the luxurious feel of your superyacht. Our services cover all your decking needs and we will make sure to enhance and transform your yacht deck. We design and build new teak decks and will help maintain, repair, and extend their lives through recaulking and resin flooring. Kreative Decks can also make top-quality furniture for your yacht’s exterior ensuring it is durable and aesthetically pleasing, maintaining your yacht’s sense of luxury.

Luxury Property Decking

We offer bespoke solutions that will transform your property’s decking into a luxurious and practical space. Kreative Decks will guide you every step of the way ensuring that we bring your vision for your property to life. We will build and enhance your property flooring, whether you are looking for a calming outdoor retreat or a modern entertainment area. We create high-end decks and will also tackle all your outdoor carpentry needs, including furniture, gates, and even shutters.

When it comes to your decking needs, Kreative Decks is the optimal choice. We are committed to building yacht and property decking that meets your needs. Our attention to detail and dedication to delivering excellent customer service ensures exceptional results. The Kreative Decks team are determined to help create a more sustainable industry and protect the forests, by using green alternatives to Burmese Teak. We are expertly trained and trusted as leaders in decking.