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Who Are Kreative Decks? – Building A Sustainable Community

Experts in all things luxury yacht decks, Kreative Decks have used their many years of experience to perfect their woodworking services. But this is not the only thing that makes Kreative Decks the right choice for your superyacht decking needs. They also have a mission: creating a greener, more sustainable yacht industry. They offer alternative solutions to traditional decking that will not only be tailor-made to your specific requirements, but will also help to reduce your carbon footprint and better protect the planet. 

Kreative Decks are a community of skilled professionals, trained to create bespoke and aesthetically pleasing solutions. They have created a positive workplace community and are dedicated to their team, delivering training programs specifically designed to ensure consistency and high quality from all their employees. In addition to having their own Kreative School, they offer intern and apprenticeship opportunities. Kreative Decks have built a strong organisation filled with a passionate and engaged workforce who are committed to providing luxurious and environmentally conscious yacht decking solutions.

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Why Alternative Teak?

Teak yacht decking has always been popular due to its ability to withstand wear and tear, its water resistance, its natural beauty, and its stylish appearance. However, importing Burmese teak is now illegal, as it is being used to subsidise the military junta currently in power in Myanmar. To maintain a constant stream of money, the military junta is excessively logging Myanmar teak due to its popularity and luxurious qualities. This exceeds what is sustainable and is the leading cause of deforestation. It is a massive threat to wildlife as well as those who rely on the forests for their livelihoods. Because of this, it is no longer ethical to use Burmese teak. Leading the way in creating a sustainable future within the yacht industry, Kreative Decks offer alternative, eco-friendly teak decking solutions. 

Find out more about their environmentally friendly solutions to Burmese Teak by visiting their Green Facts page.

Aerial view of dense, green forest canopy with various shades of green foliage indicating the sustainable wood used for yacht decks

Working Together

While striving to find the best solutions to complete your teak deck repairs, Kreative Decks have built a team of skilled and passionate craftsmen. Working together, the team is dedicated to delivering personalised and top-quality designs that enhance your sustainable yacht decking. The people at Kreative Decks share common goals and work together to help the business grow. They go above and beyond to guarantee a luxury yacht deck. 

The Kreative Decks team deliver excellence in yacht decking installation and repairs. Their attention to detail is second to none and they are extremely proud to be unrivalled in the industry when it comes to delivering deck solutions. Their collective creative knowledge and technical know-how ensure that each project delivered is of the highest quality and works towards achieving Kreative Decks’ mission of protecting the environment. Their people help lead the charge toward a sustainable future for teak marine decking. They are masters of innovation and love what they do. 

If you are interested in a career in marine carpentry check out Kreative Decks’ intern and apprentice opportunities.

Kreative School for sustainable yacht decking

Kreative Decks are committed to delivering exceptional craftsmanship. They have developed an in-house training program known as the Kreative School. They invest in their people and educate them on the most efficient methods to complete teak deck repairs and yacht decking installation, ensuring that the quality of work is maintained. Alongside developing their skills, Kreative Decks run regular team-building trips where people can relax, have fun, and form strong relationships within the Kreative Decks family. This allows their people to build stronger working relationships and feel more confident in their abilities to openly communicate how they feel, creating a more productive and innovative workplace. 

The Kreative School helps drive the success of Kreative Decks. They have become leaders in their field and continually invest time and resources to support their employees. They strive to ensure their people reach their fullest potential, and students have gone on to perform thorough research into alternative teak deck solutions, working together to deliver top-quality results. 

You can read about one of their latest trips here.

Kreative Decks workshop trainees being trained how to make sustainable yacht decks

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A Strong Workplace Community

Kreative Decks, above all else, value their people. They have created a strong workplace community by investing in developing their expertise in yacht decks, increasing their knowledge and honing their skills. Their mission to create a greener industry is highlighted by their high-quality work and alternative teak solutions. Together they work toward a future of sustainable yacht decks and protecting the planet. 

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