Alternative Yacht Decking For A Greener Future

Read how Kreative Decks are chartering a greener course for the future

Ever since Burmese Teak was made illegal, there has been a need for more environmentally conscious teak alternatives. Yacht owners are becoming increasingly aware of their carbon footprint and the impact of their vessels on marine life and the environment. Kreative Decks support yacht owners in their mission to be more eco-friendly by using sustainable alternatives to teak decking. 

Traditional teak is known for its natural beauty and desirability. Kreative Decks ensure that they provide alternative decking solutions that are sustainable whilst maintaining the luxurious appearance of your yacht’s outdoor space. These teak solutions are ethically sourced from well-managed forests ensuring no damage is caused to the ecosystem. Like teak, they can also withstand wear and tear and the effects of ever-changing marine weather. 

Read about Kreative Decks’ Teak Deck Alternatives


Managed Forests and Plantation Teak

With Burmese forests being harvested unethically, yacht owners need to start looking at deck experts who get their teak from eco-conscious forests. The best well-managed forests where teak trees grow easily are in India, Indonesia and Thailand. Ensuring the sustainable management of forests will support the people who depend on the forest for their homes and livelihoods, as well as the existing ecosystem of wildlife. 

Plantation teak was exclusively planted to help manage forests, either used to restore the environment or planted deliberately to be used as a sustainable resource. India, Indonesia and Thailand all started planting around 80 years ago meaning these trees are now ready to use as an environmentally friendly alternative to Burmese Teak for your yacht decking. 

A tall teak tree in middle of well-managed forest

Green Teak

In Thailand, the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) engineered a teak deck alternative known as Green Teak. Using all parts of the tree, this alternative is strong and stable whilst keeping the same aesthetic as Burmese Teak. This alternative is specifically engineered within a well-managed forest, designed to support the local economy and is a luxurious, durable and sustainable alternative to teak. 



Manufactured in Germany as part of a research project, conducted by the Lürssen Shipyard and the German University of Göttingen, Tesumo is a natural, fast-growing wood from a well-managed sustainable forest. Used as a teak alternative, Tesumo has been refined in a three-stage process that has been protected by a patent since 2016. Like traditional Burmese Teak, Tesumo is weather-resistant and matches the teak’s natural beauty, the perfect alternative to use on your eco-friendly yacht. 



American company TMT (Thermally Modified Timber) Marine also have a sustainable teak alternative suitable to use for your yacht decking. Using thermo-treated maple to create long and wide planks, this teak deck alternative is grown in sustainably managed forests in zero-risk countries. TMT guarantee that when the timber is cut and prepared for an order, the next set of trees has already been planted. 

Teak decking varnish and protection on Yacht

YPS Wrap

Once you have found the perfect teak decking alternative, Kreative Decks also offer protection and varnish to your new deck. They use sustainable resources from (Yacht Protection Services) YPS, who are specialists in high-quality wraps and ensure that the lifetime of your decking is extended. 


Kreative Decks make sure to use responsibly selected materials. They embrace eco-friendly alternatives to teak and build durable and sustainable decks. With various teak alternatives, Kreative Decks are leading the way towards a greener future for yacht decking. They are experts in their field and know what the most suitable options would be for your vessel. Kreative Decks have successfully worked on various projects, providing sustainable solutions to their decking whilst always preserving exquisite artistry and a luxurious feel.

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